Volvo (All Supported Models)


Once a tune is purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download the softloader files and license. Depending on the VIN number specified, we may require a readout of the vehicle before we can provide the tune. Your time to completion may vary depending on the product purchased and the options chosen. In order to download the tune to the car, you must connect the laptop and the DiCE unit together to the vehicle. Please note that an active internet connection is required. We recommend also connecting the car to a battery charger during the flash/read process to help prevent any low voltage issues from occurring.



Our Softloader is included in the purchase of every tune. It is the software that allows you to upload the tune file into your vehicle’s engine computer, however you will need a hardware interface (sold separately) in order to upload the tune into the engine computer, as well as a Windows laptop. Our software was written to work with the Volvo DiCE J2534 interface or any J2534 interface supporting Volvo protocols and will run on any version of Windows that supports the .NET 4.7.2 framework. Please note that not all Volvo DiCE units are compatible with the Softloader. There are poorly made “clone” units that do not support the proprietary protocols necessary for flashing the engine computer using our software. To determine if your DiCE/interface is compatible with our software, please follow this guide: DiCE Compatibility Check. If you do not have a hardware interface to flash the tune, here is one place you can buy one: Flash Cable. Please note that for all of these units, you can ignore their requirements listed, you do not need their software, only the cable. It will work with any version of Windows.