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What is Tuning and Why do You Want It?

Tuning is an upgrade to the software in the vehicle’s computer that controls the engine. Custom software is installed that changes many parameters that control the way the engine operates, such as ignition timing, boost control, torque limitation, fuel ratios, and more. Through proper modification of these parameters, it is possible to greatly increase the power output of the vehicle, while at the same time improving safety and longevity of the engine, drivability, and smoothness. The factory tune that comes stock on your car is not geared for performance. Vehicle manufacturers focus on meeting quotas set forth by their marketing and standards departments and the result is that no aspect of the software is outstanding. With proper tuning, you can increase both power and fuel economy. 

Why Hilton Tuning?

Hilton Tuning has been designing custom tuning software for years and we’ve developed the most comprehensive solutions on the market. Our software is designed in house and made specifically to satisfy your vehicle’s needs. Our softloader has been designed specifically to support ease of use for our customers and also to provide a comprehensive tool for high horsepower builds. Our datalogger capabilities are unmatched by any other product on the market. Since engine performance data is so critical once large component modifications are made, such as turbo and injector changes, we wanted to make sure that we had the best logging in the industry. This is what allows us to dominate the tuning market and bring you some of the highest horsepower builds in the world. We’ve spent countless hours developing our tunes to outperform the competition and we’ve developed add-ons you can’t find anywhere else. Check out our tunes here!

What can I Expect from a Hilton Tune?

You can expect an increase across the entire power band of the car. Many customers ask why we do not publish dyno graphs. In the interest of giving you the most accurate information available, we do not usually quote horsepower and torque number increases, since every car performs differently. We typically tell our customers to expect roughly a 20-35 or so horsepower increase and roughly the same in ft-lbs for torque from a stage 1 tune and roughly a 35-50 or so horsepower increase and roughly the same in ft-lbs for torque from a stage 2 tune. Stage 3 and higher tunes depend upon your chosen hardware configuration. The turbo is the biggest factor in your expected power output, so depending on what turbo you choose for your build, your horsepower will vary.

Again, every car performs differently, and the actual numbers do not always correlate to real world performance. We always tune for the best power band improvement, which will give you the best performance on the street. If you would like to share your dyno graphs with us after tuning, we welcome the results! Just remember, horsepower only tells a part of the story.


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