About Hilton Tuning

Hilton Tuning began as a hobby to improve tuning capabilities for Volvo cars. Owner and tuner, Robert Hilton, was unhappy with the solutions that were available for loading and modifying software for the engine computer, so he decided to create his own. Robert began developing a softloader and logging solution that was compatible with common Volvo hardware (DiCE unit). No other software on the market is quite like this and it truly sets Hilton Tuning apart from competitors. Once the tools to modify the software were created, Robert reverse engineered the Volvo engine computer in order to identify the maps and variables necessary to develop some of the most complex and comprehensive tunes available. Hilton Tuning has since expanded and now provides the same high quality products for several other makes of vehicles..

About Robert Hilton

Hilton Tuning owner and operator, Robert Hilton, is a computer engineer in CT (USA). Robert studied Computer Engineering at the University of Hartford. While there, he focused on microprocessor control and embedded systems. This knowledge of hardware design and functionality coupled with software control and automation helps Robert to design and create precision products for all different types of vehicles.

Robert has worked on many different custom software products including several open source projects. You can see some of his work on his GitHub page and also his Bitbucket page. Robert has also written a research paper regarding the reverse engineering of engine control systems communications and programming new software into the ECU computer. You can find the published work here. Robert still uses the basic design of the tool he created in order to reverse engineer control module communication in the new cars he is developing products for. “I needed a tool that I knew would be robust enough to handle the faster data speeds present in modern vehicles. I just wasn’t happy with the commercial options I had tried, so I decided to build my own and create one of the fastest tools on the market. This way I knew exactly what went into it and could control almost every aspect.” Robert’s comprehensive approach to problem solving truly sets his products apart from others on the market in terms of quality and completeness. When Robert isn’t working on cars, he mentors FIRST Robotics Team 195, CyberKnights, from Southington High School, as the Director of Controls and Automation.