2004.5-2013 – C30/S40/V50, 2006-2013 – C70 (ME9 Turbo P1)


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Compatible with all P1 model Volvos!

Stock TCV or upgraded Pierburg valve. (Note: A MAC control valve or equivalent is not compatible with this product. If you are using one of these valves, ensure it is replaced with a Pierburg unit prior to tuning.)

Stage 1 Requirements:
There are no upgrade hardware requirements for a stage 1 tune.

Stage 2 Requirements:
Down Pipe, Cat-Back Exhaust

Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC)

Stage 2.5 Requirements:
Down Pipe, Cat-Back Exhaust, Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC), Upgraded Intake Manifold

Methanol Injection

Stage 3 Requirements:
Down Pipe, Cat-Back Exhaust, Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC), Larger Than Stock (Typically Hybrid) Turbo, Upgraded Injectors, Upgraded MAF

Methanol Injection

Recommended Injectors (If you are unsure what size injectors you need for your application, please contact us!):
Bosch 650cc EV14
We recommend ViVA Performance

Recommended MAF Upgrade Kit:
We recommend ViVA Performance

Add-On Options:

Automatic Transmission Torque Limiter Removal – Remove the first and second gear torque limiter from automatic transmissions.

Valet Mode File – Add this to any stage tune and we will include a separate file that you can flash which restricts performance of the vehicle for valet and other uses.

Anti-Lag & No Lift Shift – We are proud to be the first company that has developed true launch control for the Volvo platform. Build instant boost prior to launching the vehicle and keep it boosting with No Lift Shift. Anti-Lag is activated when the vehicle is stopped, the clutch is depressed and the accelerator pedal is held to the floor. NLS is active when RPMs are above a threshold value and the accelerator pedal is held to the floor in between shifts. Note: This option is only available for vehicles without catalytic converters. This modification places extra stress on the drivetrain, turbocharger system, and engine components. Currently only available for manual transmissions. Choosing this option for all Non-R vehicles will cause a slight delay with delivery of the tune.

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